Triumphs Over Trauma by Ted Meyer

in the right light,
they are the exquisite
testimony of a soul
stronger than circumstance

in the wrong light,
they are but constant
reminders of an evil that
sought to destroy them

be in the right light!

Benevolent Thief

yes, it is undeniable,
that like a thief in the night, 

time has taken much
of what I did not wish
to surrender

even so,

with what seems a touch of benevolence
embedded deep in the hands of time,
that which remains has been retooled –

leaving only the better parts of
this aging soul to continue

oh, that time may grant me this!

that I might spend what remains
in blissful ignorance of

what was and is no more

knowing only the delights found
in each sunrise and sunset –
being fully present in
what is and what will be

with you at my side!

Always Is

when ‘always is’
clings tight to me,
then something new
might ‘never be’

when ‘never be’
does fill my mind,
the will to change
is ‘hard to find’

when ‘hard to find’
does flood my soul,
then ‘always is’
derails my goal

so ‘hard to find’
became the test,
that calls from me,
my ‘very best’

while ‘always is’
was family creed –
’tis something new
I’ll ‘always need’

Time and Tide

adrift on the sea of life,
the waves rolled around her,
lifting her high on swells
of hope and inspiration,
pulling her toward riptides
of fear and despair,
revealing to her the shipwrecks
of heartache and hatred –
as it is with all who set sail,
time and tide would either
take her down or make her strong