Dyin’s The Easy Part

it’s easy to poke an eye
you believe can’t see
or has no right to be;
to disregard the man
who wears a tan,
is from Iran or the Sudan

it’s easy to kill a dream
that’s not yours
or from other shores;
‘specially if you need
their soil’s seed
to maintain speed

it’s easy to be a fool,
a nationalist tool,
and think you’re cool

you’re not – you’ll rot,
like every thing else that dies

easiest part of this joke is dyin’
because leaders are lyin’,
while your soul they tryin’
to be buyin’ –
over to their side

nukes don’t respect
manifest destiny –
its ashes to ashes, motherfucker,
can’t you see?

wake up and smell
the blood being spilled
and the love being chilled,
’cause the fools on the hill
gave you a red pill
and said swallow –
don’t be so fucking shallow

we die because we refuse to live –
as one!

as a man once said ,
dying ain’t much of a living

yeah, dyin’s the easy part,
living with respect and love for all mankind?
now that takes some balls

37 thoughts on “Dyin’s The Easy Part

  1. Did you see the press conference where a reporter called out Huckabee on the child detention camps? Wow…she’s a piece of work. So many rotting souls in charge, laying waste to democracy, and humanity.

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