Also A Prog Rock Pearl

I’m a handful that’s for sure. Long before I started burning ears with my real emotions and sending the hypocrites running for shade, I was infuriating them with my choice of music. They’d get all bumfuzzled over album covers that look like this; but they’d let the government monitor their every move in the name of liberty without question.

I’m not being a smart-ass, but I really never could understand that reaction. I’m like, you say you believe the bible and then get offended when someone writes lyrics about its cast of characters?

OK, maybe I am.  But then again, that was always the kind of believer I was. I don’t put my faith in things I can’t question or hear opposition to. That’s weak to me. Very, very weak.

I love this song and I dug this group in my youth. I happen to believe it’s probably not far off from how this floating marble will end.


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