I am really struggling with Bourdain’s suicide this morning. Very much so. My heart is broken.

Oh, the insidiousness of depression. It has stolen love from my life multiple times. Turning out some very bright lights that can never be replaced.

Tom, I’d like to change my answer to the ‘what superpower would I choose’ question. It would be the power to destroy this soulless fucking monster forever.

Please, please reach out for help if it whispers to you. Please!

22 thoughts on “Struggling

  1. My brother committed suicide. it was an awful feeling i won’t go into details but a gun was involved. Not a pretty site. Yes we should listen to the whispers of the other. I was an advocate for the Canadian Mental Health Association after this but have since let go and handed the reigns to stronger voices. People just know they have to reach out and they are not alone. We need to reach out to these individual also. Just talking lets the pressure off as we let the pressure off of ourselves. We all have a story to tell sometimes it is just a matter of us listening.

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  2. To be in that dark pit unable to find the words to speak is hell on earth. To love someone who is in that place trying to reach them and then when this final act to be released from its grip is taken leaves an enduring hell of its own. Until society admits that there is a collective blame of stigmatizing Mental Health issues then how can someone suffering so deeply feel even the smallest hope of reaching out for help without the fear of being judged? Sorry Rita this is such a negative response from me but I get so angry that time and time again I hear ignorant hurtful opinions from people around me when they decide to share their views that suicide is a selfish act or a cowardly act… I want to scream you have no idea and by sharing your idea as you see it harms and reinforces the silent struggle that sadly is so often unseen and unheard until too late. xxx

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    • I confess, I was trained to think that way in the church, T. Then I lost a precious friend and my heart was forever changed. I will never, ever see it as anything but a tragedy.

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      • Yes R the church did that number on me too. I was 26 when I felt I could not go on I couldn’t even find the strength to leave a note I just wanted out I almost succeeded but I survived a cardiac arrest and woke up 3 days later in critical care in the hospital I worked at. I was lucky I’m here today but I have that heart break knowing 2 people I loved dearly are not here today. You are so so right Rita it is a tragedy each and every time xxx

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  3. I am crushed by Anthony’s death. Absolutely devastating, to his daughter, family, and the world. I am hoping to write about it when I can find the words. There will be no other like him.

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