Fuck The Glitter

fuck the glitter too often
confused with happy

it falls off like dust in the wind
when the darkness closes in;
and most discover it was never
gold to begin with – only a cover

ain’t nobody gives a shit
about the superficial when
tossing flowers in a grave

we gotta make a meal of one another,
taste the richness of another’s being,
drink from the fountain of their pain,
and let them eat of the blood-stained morsels
of our own journey

you can’t forsake what you
are willing to digest –
to make a part of yourself

it’s fucking easy to walk away
from a fast food buffet,
and believe yourself nourished

we gotta take tight the hand that trembles,
hold up the rose that bends in the wind,
and make our way to the light together

45 thoughts on “Fuck The Glitter

  1. Thank you Rita because of these powerful heart wrenching words and my reflecting on what prompted your posts today I have been thinking.. Years ago I took my nursing to a new level and trained as a Counselor and I was bloody good at it! I knew my triggers and I had a great clinical supervisor who called me out on my shit to stop it muddying the interactions I had with my patients.Then life choices got in the way and I gave up what I loved doing.. I’m telling you now R you have got me thinking that with a bit of focus and retraining I am going to get those skills honed again and help where I can!

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