Wounded Leaders

For me, the most powerful leaders, healers & inspiring human beings have always been those who’ve been wounded in life’s classroom. Emotionally, physically or spiritually.

I have always gravitated to those who suffered greatly and chose compassion over bitterness; to those who lacked and chose charity over greed; and to those who mourned and learned that all human life is precious.

These are the people I will walk with. These are the people I will fight alongside, celebrate with, and cry with. This was the thing in Robert Kennedy that drew to him people of every color and economic class in 1968.

He threw himself into deep, deep self-examination following the murder of his brother. He made the choice to be alone and dive deliberately into the darkness of his grief and contemplate the fragility of life. That choice allowed him the opportunity to learn which way to move forward. To learn the measure of a true human being.

My ancestry is an eclectic group from French, English, Cherokee & Blackfoot (Sioux) nations. My grandmother had a sampler on her wall that has stayed with me all my life.

It said:  The path of the true human being is sown with the pain from which understanding is born and wisdom is grown.

I absolutely believe that as long as we continue to look to pampered, lying, and morally corrupt politicians to kiss our boo boos & convince us everything is someone else’s fault – we will find ourselves on the ash heap of history like every other world power who believed itself invincible.

I also believe it’s absolutely the time for all wounded leaders, healers and inspiring among us to stand up, gather together, and lead our youth back to the path of becoming true human beings.

I might be old, but I will join them. This is a hill I am willing to die on.

14 thoughts on “Wounded Leaders

  1. Once upon a time I wanted to blend my broken soul into the wall of obscurity, But then and after many battles to pull me back and keep me crushed like tiny fragments of dust at the base of that wall of my choosing. I was led into the path of a woman with the most amazing Warrior Soul and take this as it is meant from the very depths of my very own healing warrior soul..I for one will stand with you be feisty along side you over the miles and it will never be the last battle, Because you my friend have touched the lives of others so profoundly that the ripples are far reaching and never ending.

    Oh and as an important footnote … If you don’t survive the battle.. I am going to kick your ass back into action!! ( As a Nurse my bedside manner and TLC for those I love and hold dear is often called into question.. But I won’t apologize for that .. It’s always done with love!! ) xxx

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