Chain Reaction

Well, I’m crashed on my sofa again and so glad to be home. We left California at 10 am this morning – exhausted and ready to be home. Vacations at theme parks drain me.

Despite the bit of a gloom & doom at the beginning – it sure ended in the most amazing way.

I’m a morning girl. Early morning. I rise at around 4 am and that doesn’t change because I’m on vacation. So, I always have to quietly shower, dress and leave the hotel room so I don’t wake the family.

I look for a coffee shop and go find a seating area outside to enjoy the cool morning air.

This morning I went outside to wait for the coffee shop to open. When I came back in at 5:59 there was only one person standing at the counter. I stood back and waited.

I get to the counter, place my order and wait. He brings my coffee with a big smile. I had asked for a small, but he handed me a large. I’m thinking no biggie because I’ll certainly drink it. I go to get my wallet, he smiles again, and points to the woman walking down the hall – saying she already got it.

I was immediately fighting back tears. I was overwhelmed by that. I followed her to the elevator to say thank you. She smiled, hugged me, and said she just wanted to start my day off with a smile. She turned and got on a different elevator

No idea who she was.

I felt the positive energy chain reaction clear to my soul.

What a world it would be if we took THAT nuclear ❤️

26 thoughts on “Chain Reaction

  1. Okay, I’m gonna pay that forward. Faith in humanity (temporarily) restored!

    In light of this, when I go to the pool party later this morning – at my conservative pal’s house – I won’t tell him what an idiot his president is. Probably.

    See, I can do nice things. 😏

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  2. Rita, this brought tears to my eyes. Kindness like this gives me hope, makes me believe in humanity. I know this sounds over the top, but there is something about people doing kind things for others, just because, that makes me very emotional. I am so glad that this was part of your time in California. Thank you so much for sharing.

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    • Not over the top at all. I almost burst into tears on the spot. We are so used to the hatefulness now that acts like that are like manna from heaven.

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  3. I’ve done that for people before. My favorite was paying for someone’s ice cream cone behind me in line, and turned out she was a hair stylist I had seen before. We still giggle about that when I run into her.

    You totally deserve that little treat, a million times over. ❤

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