BTW, I Didn’t Forget

I didn’t forget the nominating portion of our program. I hate it. It’s like getting to the swimsuit portion of Miss Universe and being all . . . YOWSA, how the hell am I supposed to choose from those beauties!!!!

How am I gonna choose from those gorgeous peeps I call friends? They’re all Jessica Rabbit to me. I will never play that portion of the game, but I’ll answer questions about myself.

But, Wulf Dahhhhling, I’m more than willing to have YOU answer them because you got all ‘FINALLY’ with me. 😂.

So tag, you’re a Lobster!

6 thoughts on “BTW, I Didn’t Forget

  1. That’s funny as hell. To be honest, this is the first time I’ve nominated anyone by name (and I’ve technically done five of ’em). The nomination process, to me, was always the wicked part.

    … until …

    I realized it isn’t about the questions. It’s about getting people reading my blog to check out other blogs I favor. So, in that vein, I tried to focus on folks I don’t remember ever seeing a Liebster from, and folks that are new(ish) to my world that others should check out. Whether anyone answers the questions (or just does so in my comments section, which I love!) is irrelevant. It’s all about the honorable mention. 😉

    That said, there’s as good a chance I don’t nominate next as there is that I do. I’m fickle like that!

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