Yep. It’s true. I’ve been lobstered by Tom Being Tom. God knows what would happen if he wasn’t. Since retiring I’ve decided to be a bit more open to participating in these adventures. So, first off – thank you, Tom, for just being Tom. Because being Ricardo would just seem weird.

I never do these right, so I’ll apologize upfront. I think the first was eleven facts about me.

  1. I’m a complete nerd about history & science. I find myself wishing I could use science to erase the history of the last 1 year, 132 days, 12 hours, and however minutes
  2. I’m a computer geek who spent the last twenty years of my work life being the de facto tech support for my team because they were mostly computer illiterates outside of Facebook. A program I despise.
  3. I won back-to-back first place trophies in the Midwest Taekwondo Invitational in the mid-90’s. It was called a Ritapete by my team. I was pretty wicked in women’s forms in my day.
  4. I love camping. I absolutely think sleeping outdoors is the best thing ever. But only if it’s optional.
  5. My favorite novel as a child (I still keep a copy) was Where The Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. My favorite author of all time is Henry David Thoreau. He changed my life as a young woman.
  6. I’m ending my fifties like I entered my teens – a woman on fire to be true to herself and a slave to no one’s opinion but mine.
  7. I have an incurable addiction to Led Zeppelin. I also happen to love Delta & Chicago Blues.
  8. I spent 45 years devoted to organized religion in search of God – only to accept that I had only met plenty of people who thought they were God and saw little to no evidence that He was actually among them. I went my own way.
  9. I am a ferocious protector of those I love. I don’t play fair with people who abuse others. Don’t see a reason to. I am a survivor of childhood abuse.
  10. I volunteer computer services, particularly database skills, to assist with non-profits focused on battling hunger or health inequity.
  11. I am a mother who has buried a child. That shit isn’t right. God or no God.

Now, to the Lobster questions.

1 If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Time travel

2 Would you use it for others, primarily, or for yourself?

I would save my first son from the medical indecisiveness that cost him his life.

3 Twenty years from today, someone hands you a potion and a piece of paper. They say you can drink the potion and live forever or open the paper and see when you will die. Which would you choose?

Open the paper. I like to plan ahead and it might change my bucket list.

4 Would you be in favor of universal healthcare in America?

I’m not opposed to universal healthcare. I’m opposed to letting the asshats who are bought and paid for by the companies screwing us in healthcare – be the ones to conceptualize and construct the system.

5 How about universal background checks on gun purchases in America?

Yep! Totally in favor and I own guns.

6 What about universal domination of the cosmos by America?

Fuck no!

7 Do you wish, at this point, that there were only 7 questions?

I’m kinda wishing we’d stopped at 2 😂

8 Are alien species visiting the Earth?

Probably, but I’m fairly sure they check out before they unpack.

9 Was JFK killed as part of a conspiracy plot?

I am fairly convinced it wasn’t as neat and tidy as we were told then. Then again, I’m fairly convinced nothing has ever been.

10 Should a person do what they do best, as a means of personal income, or what they love most, if the two are not the same?

I think that’s up to the individual. I did what I did best the first half; but finished doing what I love.

11 When you were 11 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A nurse. I always thought they were angels and way better at patient care. I still believe that.

22 thoughts on “Lobstered

  1. Absolutely glorious rendition, Rita! I obviously did not know that about your son. Now if I had one superpower it would the power to bestow upon you time travel. A more noble answer I have never seen.

    All of your answers were insightful and gave me pause to think, particularly #4 on healthcare. #7 had me literally laughing out loud and almost waking the house. 🤣

    Thank you for participating, Rita … you good people!

    Liked by 2 people

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