What Happened To Happy?

It’s 6:46 am at ‘the happiest place on earth’ and I’m surrounded by people whose faces are filled with frustration, sadness, or just plain anger.

What happened to happy? Who stole it? How do we get it back?

We literally spent the day yesterday listening to people around us complain about how bad life is.

I woke up at four, as usual, and came outside to get some alone time with coffee. Only to be joined by three women who, after hello, started in on the life sucks routine.

I’m pretty sure if Mickey has an attitude today, I’m gonna punch him in the mouth.

33 thoughts on “What Happened To Happy?

    • It’s draining. I am finding myself fighting emotions out to pasture long ago. They are trying to make a comeback. I don’t know, Marie, if I have the energy for this nonsense.

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  1. Rita, I haven’t been able to access your site, but I found a way through WP – I am tech challenged. Did you know there is a disney jail? The only time I have ever had a public confrontation with a stranger was at the happiest place on earth; I was trying to keep the peace and she had different ideas.

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