Rita’s Disney Takeaway – 5/31

  1. To be a really close family you need to buy matching, silk-screened t-shirts saying you’re a really close family. There’s apparently a bonus closeness if they have a picture of you and your birth order on them.
  2. MaxPass is a $40 code word for SUCKER!
  3. One day of meals at Disneyland is like a thousand days of meals at home.
  4. Curbs can be sneaky bastards. As some king named Richard once said, in a movie I loved, “When the fall is all that remains … make it look like you meant to do that. (Ok, I added that last part. But it was spectacular. I don’t think it’ll bruise.)
  5. It’s possible I am too old for this shit. I don’t think it’s normal to wish your ray gun was real and you could use it to shorten the lines.
  6. And, after all my bitching about unhappy people around here, I meet a perfectly perky princess and find myself wishing I had an apple to feed her. It seems I’ve gone to the dark side.

I need to get back to the hotel pool bar and start the retraining. 😂😂. Tomorrow is another day.

8 thoughts on “Rita’s Disney Takeaway – 5/31

  1. Rita I promise you I am feeling your pain honest I am !!… But you are cracking me up!!.You have me chuckling big time over here! Wandering off now with big goofy grin on my face ( eeeek I mentioned Goofy oh my gosh R promise me you won’t harm Goofy! The others and it’s game on but not dear old Goofy lol ) !! xxx

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