Soul Food

A lovely day in the place that feeds my soul – Rocky Mountain National Park.

PS – Dear Roseanne, not at all surprised! Now go build a bunker for the apocalypse.

21 thoughts on “Soul Food

    • I just read that, T. You know, the politics of this country have become so poisonous, we’ll probably not see decent human beings who’ve made any kind of mistake in life – run for office.

      Why should they? Why have their lives torn apart by political assassins or special interest groups? Both parties are full of shit.

      We’ll be left with the same straight-up fuckwads we have now. D and I have started seriously looking for acreage out of the city – we’re really quite done with civilization 😐. We talked today about downsizing the electronic footprint of our lives. I’m just frigging sick of it all.


  1. Oh my gosh Rita I am having serious Soul food envy right now 💗 please please will you do something totally crazy for a sister and stand out there fling your arms out twirl around and yell something loudly so the echo carries on the wind over to me here and hits my soul so I get to feel that amazingly beautiful place 😘 Told you it was a crazy request but hey crazy works for this girl 😁😘💗 xxx

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  2. That scenery…. nature is my church, the mountains my cathedral! Wow, if that doesn’t bring you back to life. It’s breathtaking. I wish I had a little more wilderness near me. Thank you so much for sharing these!

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