to have lived out loud

is it not better for me to have loved, hated, and loved again

than to end my days having never tasted passion

is it not better for me to have faced the fires of life, tempted Fate, and bear her scars

than to die an unproven vessel

is it not better for me to have lived bold, free, and out loud

than to have wished for more –

knowing I had settled for less!

(from 2016)

13 thoughts on “to have lived out loud

  1. Gosh this is good!! If you haven’t lived out loud life moves so slow. Taking chances for me has made me a enjoy life. It’s part of my character. I want no regrets. 🙂 Good morning Rita!:)

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  2. I should’ve bought stock in lip balm years ago for all the ass I USED to kiss. Now I don’t flipping care… love me, hate me, it doesn’t matter anymore. LOL 😉

    Great write!

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    • Omg! That’s exactly how I feel, Roxi.

      I don’t run through the streets swearing. Well, I haven’t yet 🤣. But I won’t be someone I’m not to impress people I don’t know. Hell, I won’t do it for people I love 😆 just ask my family. 😂🤪

      I find being myself (flaws and all) cuts through the weeds and brings me to most amazing human beings. The kind you can trust with your life.

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