Two Truths

Two truths I stumbled across this morning have touched me quite deeply.

The first is so very true of me. It’s cause for offense to some people, but I can’t let that bother me.

I have rarely allowed myself to be captured and held by those content to search on the surface . . . I don’t ever want to drown in shallow water.

And this quote just blows my everlovin’, free-wheeling mind:

French philosopher Jules Lequier: “To create, and in creating be created.”

To take the risk to create and in the process be created; be reborn by your own design.

Dayuum, that is so very true!

18 thoughts on “Two Truths

    • OH MAN!!!! I just got to my laptop to see that you’d been CANNED SPAM. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. I might be a bitch but I’m not mean. Thank you, Tom.


      • LOLOL!!!!! I would’ve said it that way, but bit my tongue and cleaned it up a tad…………. You’re my kind of people! 😂🤣

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      • Well, consider yourself free to roam about the cabin. No seat 💺 belt required. There’s a warning label on the front page. 😂😳😈

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      • Well hell’s bell’s……………… :::: ripping off the seatbelt ::::: roaming through your fridge for a snack and pouring myself a glass of red wine and putting my feet up on the coffee table. Better? :::: grin :::

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