Herding The Sheeple

Watching the news this morning and seeing the ever-invasive use of technology to mark us like little lambs – makes me long for a mountain ranch with a landline, bookshelves that cover three walls, and a great big garden.

I may just be too damned old to see this as a positive step forward in human history.

Maybe so.

I only know that with every new advance in technological herding – I find my joy in being a part of it decreases.


38 thoughts on “Herding The Sheeple

  1. Wow. It’s so Interesting to me that we do many things for the sake of convenience and safety. I mean, that’s what we tell ourselves. And at some point, we don’t even question the potential consequences.

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  2. I love the mountain retreat idea! Although if I had to grow my own food I’d be in big trouble! 😦 While I am always amazed at the capabilities of new tech, it does scare the crap out of me! And you’re right – it’s because of the ones wielding the power!

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