No Tears

there were always
tears to be shed –
angry tears,
frightened tears,
worried tears,
frustrated tears;
even happy tears 

but, alas,
hers were eyes without water

We were chatting last night about some things that have transpired over the decades and D said, “I was always amazed, and concerned, that you never have cried easily. I mean like big, shoulder shaking cry. Only that once.”  

What can I say? He’s right. I’ve never been an easy crier. Never. Happened one time in my life and it was like a damn breaking. I cried for about 6 hours straight. Scared the wits out of my little family, but they just stayed by my side and let the floodgates open.

I’m sure they must have thought ‘that’s it – she’s finally broken.” Then it stopped and I was like ‘what’s next.’  Since then, I will tear up but they roll one or two down my cheek. I’ve just never been a weeping girl.

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