You Must Wear Your Own

so much footwear lay before me
when the wind whispered “stand and walk”

it was time for me to learn the way I should go

tattered moccasins, dull slippers, and battered boots

all at my feet, all worn before, and all that I could see

I tried them all – only to stumble,
causing injury to myself and others

step by step,
slip after slip,
fall after fall,
in shoes too painful

shoes not fashioned for my feet

I was trying to walk forward strapped in shoes with soles stuck to the worn out paths

from within came a roar,
straightening my spine,
and causing me to believe I was taller than before

suddenly, unwilling to suffer from every step taken,
I began to destroy those old shoes,
believing they were making me weaker
than I was beginning to know myself to be

I mangled the moccasins of madness and melancholy,
slashed the slippers of selfish and sedentary,
burned the boots of betrayal and bitterness;
and with time and trial I grew stronger

still an apprentice,
I looked outward in slight desperation,
hoping to find something with which to shod my feet,
that I might move on from where I had been

I discovered sandals lying just beyond my understanding

on examination I found them to be new – untried!

as I began to lace them up my tired and weary legs – I knew!!
I knew these were the sandals of faithful, free, and forever

and the roar within grew louder

so I made my way to the battlefield,
where I joined the Ancient Ones,
those who seemed to know already,
what I was now to learn –

that I had been fearfully and wonderfully made

I understood I had passed the test put before me,
and learned the lesson therein

all shoes slip as one learns to walk toward the battle;
but mostly those which are ill-fitting
or belong to another

to win the battle – you must wear your own!

I praise the day I looked beyond those worn-out soles,
and found footwear that fit the fight 

sandals fashioned for ME . . .
for they will carry me home!

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