Little Star

twinkle, twinkle, little star,
don’t let ’em tell you who you are;
or how to shine, 
or what to say

you were made to sail away,
from the fluffy dust,
and words of clay,
that fill the merchant ships today

a shooting star trading truth for pay?
oh hell no, sista,
that’s not your ray

no! you soar in the heavens,
absorbing the gray,
that floods your heart on a cloudy day

and in the darkness with words you play

it’s the light of your truth
that makes darkness obey
your luminous soul,
and then fade away

oh, little star, ’tis this I pray

that you write, from the light,
that is your way!

and fuck ’em if they don’t say yea

your light’s too bright
for them to weigh

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