Seriously thinking about start a coup. All I need to do is to flip some of these little Mouseketeers my way and it's on like Donkey Kong! We'll bring whistle while you wait back to Disney or we'll storm the castle and turn it into a disco 💃🏻 Hi Ho Hi Ho some smiles had … Continue reading Ok!


at times, tragedy without reason separates the road we travel from the path of dreams we began on - it is there we decide the way we will go: whether we'll risk the uncertainties to keep the dream alive; or settle for the safer walk on the path of least resistance

To Chase The Dream

to chase the impossible dream is to live a life worth dying for; to run headlong into the winds of fate, knowing when you rip the seam of eternity, you will be counted among the stars that light the night skies - for the dreamers who follow