Morning Madness

It’s a good thing I took the time over the weekend to refresh my humor. The last two mornings have been a test of it.

Yesterday, I awoke to find our darling doggie had decided to just let us sleep and take care of her biological needs all by herself. All over our dining room area rug and floors. I started the day shampooing carpets and mopping floors.

This morning I wake to start my morning routine, which always begins with a fresh pot of coffee. I fill the carafe, lift the lid, start filling the chamber . . . then water starts pouring down the side of my counter to the floor like a river. Apparently my son thought about making a pot of coffee in the night and changed his mind. I started today with that mop again.

I think I might sleep in tomorrow 😳.

38 thoughts on “Morning Madness

  1. Oh Rita!!
    Sorry but I laughed (no, I’m not really sorry for laughing… probably cause I know I’m laughing WITH you more than AT you 😉)
    Thanks for the laugh!!
    I wish I knew how to write humour as well as you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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