Big Brother Mark


All The Ways Facebook Tracks You That You Might Not Know

Just one of many, many reasons I hate Facebook and it’s spawn. Yeah, they got busted and now they be all like ‘so sorry, I shoulda held ya closer.‘ Fuckers. I go online totally aware that everything I touch is being tracked and that nothing I delete is ever gone. I just don’t happen to give a shit.


I’m a geek, so I always look at the scripts running in the lower left-hand corner of my screen when I post, surf, visit, etc. The other day I noticed that even my chit chats with friends on this lovely tool are passing  through the ‘Facebook’ fish net sometimes. Sneaky bastards.

Yeah, it’s a world wide web alright. You just gotta be willing to get caught in it to swim in big brother’s pool.

13 thoughts on “Big Brother Mark

  1. I am currently debating whether or not to delete my facebook page AND my author page. They recently changed their ‘algorithm ‘ so that the folks with business pages, etc will need to pay to have their posts ‘boosted’ so more people see them. For a more personal experience in the newsfeed they say… Being an unknown author, it kinda feels like I have to jump through all these useless hoops! I get no sales from Facebook! But all the ‘experts’ tell me I need an author page. So frustrating!

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  2. Rita, I do all I can not to be tracked, yet how do you outwit Big Brother? I have NOTHING to hide, so those bastards can spy on me all they like. I do NOT do FB. I detest FB. Yet when I attempted to delete my page I could not. I am in limbo someplace, my page not active. Whatever that means. This stealing and spying and whatnot makes me sometimes just want to hide and not use technology. I was SHOCKED the other day …. I googled myself and up popped information on me that I have NO idea how got on the net. OMG! OMG! You talk about the color leaving my face! SHIT! 😱

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    • Right? We are who we are and tough shit if they don’t like it. Thing is we are all online whether we want to be or not. My 85 y/o mom who has never touched a computer is out there to be traced.

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      • How shocking! It is such a HUGE invasion of privacy to all of us. What is the point to all this madness, and yes it is madness!? To know we all are out there for any prying eyes to see just does not set with me right at all. Knowing they know only gets my Irish up and darn it my mouth will just keep on getting louder! Honestly!

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