my power to believe is conceived
in the stillness of dawn;
my hope, a midwife,
attending the birth of each new morning-
perhaps this is the day
the sun will show
us the way to

30 thoughts on “Stillness

  1. It’s afternoon here and spring feels ready to show herself at last. I have been weeding and finding as I was digging out those weeds some of my lingering negative feelings were leaving me too and then I read your beautiful words and smile once again through unshed tears..If only you could bottle your special healing magic Rita I for one would buy it in truck loads, Thank You xxx

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  2. I love the idea of hope being the midwife for each new morning. Being the mother that I am, midwives speak to me! I enjoyed helping the few frieds I got to help through their labours and deliveries too. Such a powerful moment, birth.
    Love you!

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