Diving Buddies


You asked me how I know. OK. This is my way of knowing. Take from it what you will.

I always remember that it’s easy for someone to call you friend in the sunshine. It’s quite trendy even. But true friends can & will find you in the dark.

They don’t stay in shallow water. They are diving buddies. They are willing to go to where the light isn’t always shining.

Don’t get me wrong, Sweets. It’s a perfectly fabulous thing, and I believe, a necessary part of our journey to jump in, get wet, & splash around in the cool, refreshing waters of the shallow end of life’s pool.

But if your soul carries the weight of history’s scars and a heavy desire to find the buried treasured beneath them?

Well, you’re going to need to go into deep and sometimes dark and frightening waters. Only true friends will dive deep to swim beside you; and be willing to hold you up should you grow tired.

So, play. Play often. It’s one of life’s true renewable energies. Splash, kick around, get your soul wet in the joy of others. But, only dive deep with a true buddy. They’ll never let you drown.

Take the time to get to know the difference, my sister. There’s no hurry.

15 thoughts on “Diving Buddies

    • They are indeed. When I find one, I make it a point to move beyond words to make sure they know I value their presence in my life.


  1. I love to dive. Literally and metaphorically.
    And I’m glad to have you as my diving buddy. You’ve helped me up, or lent me your air, more than once. I cannot thank you enough for that.

    And this text… you found the perfect words to relay your idea. Truly a blessing reading you!

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    • You give just as much oxygen back to me, Sweet Thing. Even when you think you are out.

      (As for diving – I’ll keep it metaphorical as I hate things on my face to breathe)

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      • Hahaha! I can understand the “thing on your face”, though I enjoy the liberty it gives me to explore a foreign world.
        And thank you. I’m glad you don’t feel it is one sided! 😘

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