Suck It Up, Zuck

I tried Facebook a few years ago for about fifteen minutes. Log enough to find a dear friend. In that short time, I had more people find me than I cared for. It took very little time for me to grow weary of this data-gold digger and all the similar toys.

I noticed after trying Pinterest that they’d incorporated a form of facial recognition software; and now it seems Google is on the Facebook algorithm trail of trying to force me to date people I’m not interested in.  As far as all the others? They are not at all interesting to me. WordPress has been the only public social media site I’ve consistently used because I like the format. But I like it best on my terms, not theirs.

It might cost Z a decent chunk of stock coin – but I certainly don’t expect that his company (or any others) will change its methods. They’ll just get better at hiding it. After all, selling people out for profit is the fast track to billionaire status.

Suck it up, Zuck.

Don’t you dare cry about how ‘sorry you are this happened’ – YOU KNEW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WERE DOING. It made you a very, very rich man.

4 thoughts on “Suck It Up, Zuck

    • Yeah! I don’t care for their habit of data mining and selling our preferences without permission. Of course, it’s probably stated somewhere in minuscule print that they would do it.

  1. Facebook … the new order
    of world censorship.
    At the behest of it’s customer
    nations, such as . . . .
    (perhaps it’s safer not to mention?)

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