where have i found true grace?

where have i found true grace?

in pristine posture or flawless gait?
seasonable fashions? baptized tongues?
stoic refusal to be counted among the sinners?

i have not

for many a soul-sucking carnivore has
hidden his teeth beneath the facade of
holier than thou


i have found it in the eyes of a father,
whose only son tells him he’s gay; and 
father draws him even tighter into his arms
in a declaration of unwavering support

i have found it in the eyes of a mother,
who when seeing the scars, refuses to look away;
but instead stands firm beside her baby
as together they walk to overcoming

i have found it in the blindness of those
who simply cannot see a difference between
the child of privilege and the child of poverty;
a child of color and a child of white

i have found it in the smoky voice of a 
grave-digger who asks if i think the view
will be a good one for a little boy; as if he
wants to make sure i know he knows

i have found it curbside in the darkened
smiles of homeless veterans who give to 
one another their last dollars – because 
a brother should never go hungry

and i found it in the ‘fuck you’ of warriors
unwilling to give an inch of any human soul to 
machinations determined to grind them to dust;
those who fight for those who cannot

i wandered the desert of the sanctified for forty years;
only to find true grace in dirty streets, ICU’s, cemeteries,
and the 
rearranged dreams of people rarely welcomed
with open hearts & open arms in the halls of tailor-made piety

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