The Gift

with new eyes and tender hearts,
they gazed upon the gift

a mystery calling to each

they watched as unseen hands,
(loving and confident)
lifted the cover;
that as a womb, kept safe its secrets
from the harsh light of doubt

from within its walls, a melody;
a light, delightful sound,
which brought smiles to their faces
and a desire to draw nigh

captivated by the sound,
immersed in wonder,
they began to dance and play

as that which had confined, slipped away,
they peered into endless possibility;
a wave of love filling them with a joy so light,
it was as if they were no longer
bound by gravity

they began to believe they could fly,
and so they did!

untethered to fear or disbelief,
they soared beyond the boundaries
of their circumstances

challenging each other to fly higher,
singing to the melody now a part of them

oh, how they flew!

weaving through the clouds of
imagination and dreams

after what seemed an eternity,
they landed softly near
the opened treasure

looking at each other
with bright eyes and satisfied smiles;
one was heard to ask the other,
“What is this gift we’ve been given?”

a voice in the distance replied,

May we find a way to re-wrap it and present it to them once again. 

20 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. Reminds me of my memories of yesterday… what a beautiful gift it is, to have the innocence of childhood!
    If only, for us, it hadn’t come with the abuse we endured too… Oh well! I wouldn’t be who I am now!
    I’ll just try to remember the beautiful memories of yesteryear 🙂

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