Reaching Home

I have family and friends who are constant dreamers at night. All sorts of dreams – from funny to frightening to fantastical.

I’ve always been more of a day-dreamer, with only occasional night dreams. Usually night dreams come in periods of high stress or exhaustion.

Having said that, throughout my life, I have experienced the rare & profound dream. They are usually so visceral they stay with me for a very long time after I’ve awakened.

When I experience these kinds of dreams, I tend to keep to myself for a while so my mind might find opportunity to absorb the dream and understand its message.

Last night was one of those times.

The dream was so vivid I could smell the mountain air around me. I could feel the rocks slipping beneath my feet. The images were so clear, I woke up needing to recreate the dream in living color to share its beauty and meaning with the object of my dream – my beloved, D.

Here is my dream:

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