Reaching Home

I have family and friends who are constant dreamers at night. All sorts of dreams – from funny to frightening to fantastical.

I’ve always been more of a day-dreamer, with only occasional night dreams. Usually night dreams come in periods of high stress or exhaustion.

Having said that, throughout my life, I have experienced the rare & profound dream. They are usually so visceral they stay with me for a very long time after I’ve awakened.

When I experience these kinds of dreams, I tend to keep to myself for a while so my mind might find opportunity to absorb the dream and understand its message.

Last night was one of those times.

The dream was so vivid I could smell the mountain air around me. I could feel the rocks slipping beneath my feet. The images so clear, I woke up needing to recreate the dream in living color to share its beauty and meaning with the object of my dream – my beloved, D.

Here is my dream:

15 thoughts on “Reaching Home

  1. Beautiful presentation with video and you account of your dream. I can see that your dream was visceral considering the content. Your love with each other is profound and comes through through your dream. Yes dreams tend to stay with us for a while that impact us. Sometimes we astral travel and I wonder if those dreams are more vivid. Your dream seems as i mentioned before a testament of love, A communion with nature which means a lot to you and finally your were home. I’m sure that the dreamer hold the key to its more profound meaning. Great ending.

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