I hold precious the scene
painted on my soul by devotion;
an aging couple holding hands,
as one slipped into forever

an unselfish love that
rode out the storms,
to cultivate a future
where I would appear

I hold tight their ways,
as befits my ancient soul

I wasn’t created for temporary

Often in the early morning silence, I find myself flooded with memories. Reflections of my journey and those who impacted it the most.

Most every time my mind pushes the play button, the most influential stars appear. Smitty and Pauline. My champions. My cheerleaders. My examples. My beloved grandparents. Last of the Mohicans. Until me.

I knew long before I knew, that I wanted – no, needed – a love like theirs. I was never going to settle for anything but devotion.

They set the bar high! My purpose was always to clear it.

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