a counterclockwise existence for me,
spinning against the fabric of fables,
way too old, too young,
running before walking,
death before life

a life in the space-time university learning:
goodbye, is a hello;
falling back, a beginning;
experience, the mother of compassion;
hate, the bloody birthplace of love;
death, a doorway to forever;
and time, an illusion!

the beauty discovered
on my continuum is
every step forward
takes me back to
my original design

“but time
keeps flowing like a river (on and on)
to the sea
to the sea”

24 thoughts on “Counterclockwise

    • You are! Thanks, Starshine. It’s how I felt upon waking yesterday – that I have been working my way back to my original drawings from the day I was born.

  1. You know that depending on the way the image revolves for you means that you’re using one side or your brain more, so if you see both, then your brain is quite balanced?
    That’s what I like to tell myself, since I see her go both ways 😉

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