Landslide of Time, Trouble, Tears

Girl Before a Mirror, Pablo Picasso

it happened before my eyes,
sovereignly, sweetly, steadily
without fanfare, fables, fame

time after time,
day after day,
rain after rain,
I’d pass the mirror

the girl I’d see,
young, yearning, yielding;
yet unhappy, unsure, uptight

we’d nod in ritual, recognition, remembrance
and go our separate ways

one day I stopped, stood, stared;
taking note of the change

a woman looked back,
different, daring, devoted

she smiled first,
or did I?

such peace filled her eyes,
gone the sad, skeptical, surly;
in her place a woman, self-possessed 

she opened her mouth to say ‘thank you’

“for what?” I inquired

“for staying with me through the landslide
of time, trouble, tears”

we smiled,
nodded in ritual, recognition, remembrance

I stepped away,
at how much she still
looks like me

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