Go On

go on,
skin your knees early, baby,
take a header into why not?
failing isn’t fatal

you’ll learn time can heal &
scars can’t kill beautiful

the world will be a harsh place at times,
hold your own in it

go on,
say your prayers, baby,
seek help from the heavens if you want to,
’cause at times the world lacks grace 

but go on,
walk into walls,
miss deadlines,
shatter ancient glass,
trip over yourself,
fall down, fall out,
then get up and
keep walking

that’s how you’ll find out
the world still holds surprises
for those who don’t quit

so make some mistakes,
fuck-up big time,
then get your ass up,
and go on!

*To my sweet baby A – falling only builds your ‘get back up’ muscles. Just try to avoid the potholes of perfection. They’re filled with those who haven’t fallen. Yet.

Never stay down. If you have to grab onto someone’s hand to get up – don’t hesitate. Just know that the hand is offered free of condition or opinion.

Falling is a unique experience. It may look like another’s but it’s truly yours to digest, learn and heal from. Don’t let another’s experience dictate how you rise. For then you risk being an imitation instead of the original you are. There are enough mocking birds on the planet –  bring your own melody to the chorus of humanity.

11 thoughts on “Go On

  1. You didn’t drag us down! You remind me why I fight for the little girls in my life. I had my own battles on the parental homefront.

    Well, weather she said it or not, Jeanne. I AM DAMNED GLAD YOU ARE HERE. YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL NOTE WE NEED TO MAKE THIS OPERA WORK. So is your beloved baby.

    SO! Wherever you go, know there’s one mamma out here who is so very grateful you showed up. Keep singing, sweetheart.

  2. This is beautiful.
    Had a discussion tonight with a child of mine. Their dad had been telling them off for spending most of the weekend with a friend. “It’s important to be with your family too!”
    What does he think we do for two weeks straight? Pass each other without even acknowledging each other’s presence?
    As I told my friends on Friday, and my child tonight “That child is living an important part of their own life (supporting a friend coming out). I am glad I get to let them go through these important steps for themselves.”
    I’m glad my children get to experience finding their own way.

    I am glad I’m starting to find a voice to tell my children what I need as well.
    And yes, we are all unique and beautiful BECAUSE of that uniqueness. But it can be scary and a bumpy road. Having someone who’ll extend a hand without judgment or condition… that’s being truly blessed!

  3. “bring your own melody to the chorus of humanity.” This is POWER!
    Life is full of ups and downs, and beautiful surprises around the corner. If we stop walking, we’ll miss the chances to enjoy them.

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