The Going From A World We Know – Poem by Emily Dickinson

The going from a world we know
To one a wonder still
Is like the child’s adversity
Whose vista is a hill,
Behind the hill is sorcery
And everything unknown,
But will the secret compensate
For climbing it alone?


Love this little poem. I love the question.

Will the opportunities/mysteries atop the Mountain of Unknown be worth the climb from the Valley of Comfortable Routine?

It’s the challenge in the question that calls to my soul on this bitterly cold, first day of 2018.

The previous generations of my family all touted retirement as the time to start slowing down.

I’ve never held that view. I’ll have plenty of time to rest when I’m dead.

No, I think this age is the perfect time to review the game films and find out where all that training & experience can take me.

It’s not my time to settle in.

It’s my time to climb higher.

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