it sits there,

quietly in the corner,

covered in a fine sheen of avoidance;

it has followed her for generations,

capturing the love, hate, goodbyes, and bequeaths of her ancestors;

she walks by it everyday,

and a hundred silent voices call her to

come, sit, add your notes to the song of our existence;

she cries, knowing she is the last who cares;

and she walks on by, feeling some things are better left to history;

so, the story shall end with her,

tucked quietly in a corner,

and safely in her heart

9 thoughts on “Escritoire

  1. Beautiful prose. I wrote down before reading your post about the energy that is in material thing. It was answered that the residual energy may be in the material object or also the energy of the new owners that the material objects overtakes. I asked if you can feel the energy as you enter a house and the answer for those in tune that yes is the answer or other items IE: Pyschometry is a technique used by mediums to read the energy that an object that it carries thus giving a reading to the owner of the object.

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