Free Until I Leave

I cannot drink from guarded wells,the need arises to break free
and find a mountain stream,
surrounded by the Trees of Wisdom

strip myself of title and pretense,
bathe in the cool water of freedom,
dance to the rhythm of the thunder,
feel the mountain breeze in my veins

it’s much too hard to play the role
others prescribe for me; each step
in the direction away from myself
is a slide back into captivity

Janis sang ‘freedom’s just another
word for nothin’ left to lose‘, but
life taught me that if I lose myself to
to please others, I am no longer free

 I have to be free . . . I have to be me

True Love would accept nothing less,
Humility drinks freely the offering
of a free spirit; Arrogance denies its value

 dancing now in the twilight of my life,
I seek only free spirits to twirl with me
in the wide-open field of Unique Beings –
leave the powdered wigs for kangaroo courts

(originally posted 2015)

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