There Are Some Nasty Elves Out There!

A lil’ follow up to the ‘be a wise shopper’ post.

The Hubster is traveling for business again. Yesterday he was flying home from DC.  He stopped in one of the shops along the concourse at Dulles to get a magazine and bottle of water. By the time he was home at 3:30 pm – someone in New York City had tried to complete three separate transactions with his card (totaling over a thousand dollars).

We are not fans of credit card debt so we rarely charge things. We use our bank card. However, we NEVER use the debit side of our card when traveling or at gas stations. We always select credit. If he had used the PIN, they could have drained the account because one of the transactions was attempted at an ATM.

Fortunately we have an outstanding fraud detection department at our credit union and we were called as we sat down to dinner. We are seriously considering buying the Visa gift cards for him to use when traveling to eliminate the connection to our bank completely.

They believe it’s possible someone has placed a skimmer over the card machine in the store.

Be careful! Pay attention to the machines. See the differences in the photo below?


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