Set Sail

redeem the hours
given over to
the treacherous,
rekindle the flame
extinguished by the tepid
waters of mediocrity

set your sails for the
isle of forgotten dreams,
and hoist again the flag
of personal power

the days are for those
who shape them

leave in your wake
an everlasting wave,
foaming with the essence
of who you are

(originally posted 2015)

Turning 16 was the beginning of my journey into personal freedom. I don’t think I waited two weeks before I got a SSN (they weren’t automatically assigned at birth back then), got a job and got my driver’s license. It was fucking fantastic. I was making my own money, and  – when wheels were available – I was able to start exploring what lie beyond the boundaries of childhood.

The winds have shifted over the last couple of months. So much so, that it set in motion a combination of yearning and restlessness in me.

I needed to move to the side of the game board and figure it out. The last few weeks have been a time of decision for me.

Then last week I totally understood. I had reached the end of the line. I was simply bobbing on the water now and that leaves me feeling quite limited. Seems, I’ve sailed this course to its conclusion and it is time to set a new one.

From my sixteenth birthday until now – the majority of or a good portion of – my days have been under contract to other Captains. It’s mutiny time! I’m taking over the helm of this vessel.

I am retiring in January. This ship will now sail in whatever direction the winds blow her.

Yeah. I like that. I like that a lot.

God only knows what kind of trouble I can get into now. 😳

26 thoughts on “Set Sail

  1. I am so happy to hear that, and I can sense the joy, happiness, and relief in your words. Such is the power of the empath. Feel free to search for trouble with me anytime and any way you want. In honor of you and this declaration, I am going to post something shortly.

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