My Sun

Thou art My Sun –
it is with You I rise

and fall deeper into
the splendid light of 

Your love

a love so bright
as to cause this
heart to shed its
and know life
once more

Oh, My Sun,
when thou shall set –

this soul will know
a darker darkness

I pray Thee 
shine on!

To you, my beloved D.

18 thoughts on “My Sun

  1. I’ve had bouts of feeling this way lately. What happens if he goes?
    I sent him some videos the other day, of old (as in 90s-100s) people dancing, saying ut was us in 40/50 years time. Granted, it implied 1) we were still alive and 2) we were still together. But I think he knows I can’t imagine my life without him in it. I don’t want to even consider it.

    The love you two share shines in this poem. I’m happy for you my friend.

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