Holiday Hangups

I’m not the most patient human being on the planet when it comes to shopping. In fact, I might just be the least. I particularly can’t stand MAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSS!

I think that’s one of the top 5ย things the hubster has on his ‘Let Me Count The Ways I Love You’ list. I hated shopping when I was teenager. It hasn’t changed. When we shop, I have a list. Iย  hit it and I run out the doors as fast as these feet will take me.

Well, that and I don’t care if sports are on the telly all day long. I have my books ๐Ÿ™‚

As long as he’s within reach, I don’t care.

41 thoughts on “Holiday Hangups

  1. Having a child with a birthday late November means Christmas shopping doesn’t start before THAT is done.
    And this year, there is not going to be much shopping any how, what with no money and all!
    So… I’l start in earnest this week I guess!

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