Mirror, Mirror

mirror, mirror on the wall,
a girl in there don’t know at all,
has my name but not my face,
the girl I was?
there’s not a trace

all these lines,
that I now see –
did you change
or was it me?

mirror, mirror on the wall,
I want to stand, why do I fall?
I used to run, remember when?
I want to be
that girl again!

tell me mirror,
tell me true –
did I change,
or was it you?

(Originally posted 2015/16)

10 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror

  1. Wow!
    It’s a question I discussed with G a long time ago.
    I knew time was running, age was advancing, but in my mind, I still felt as young as before.
    G was older than me. Much older. And one day we discussed it. He confirmed that it wasn’t just me. It was people, with age.
    Our souls are still the same (though with more experience, which may be what makes us more afraid?) and our bodies were not keeping up.
    I guess it’s the mirror that changes, or the projection of us. But we remain our deep selves.

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