it is there –
in the air we breathe,
the giggles of children,
the trees dancing on windy days,
the star-filled skies of the midnight hour,
the laughter coming from the next table,
and most certainly in the healing touch of a stranger’s hand in times of tragedy

it is there –
all around us,
every day,
every hour

it is there –
just beyond the walls
of disbelief & disappointment
built strategically around the
chambers of our human hearts

it is there –
we need only shed the armor of fear
and open our hands once more to
touch the magic of life

13 thoughts on “Magic

  1. It was here today, in an apology that wasn’t necessary, or was for another reason altogether, in the food shared, the banter and smiles around the tables, in the laughter of teens snapping pics together, in the star-filled skies tonight.
    Magic was definitely here today. .
    Thank you for this.

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