Doors & Rooms

I was thinking today of the many doors we go through in life. Of all the rooms we’ve entered and exited over the years.

Truth be told, there have been precious few doors in life that took me directly where I needed to be or wanted to go; and even fewer rooms in which I’ve longed to stay.

I’ve had to go through many, many doors to find where I belonged. Some led to empty spaces. Some led to steep stairwells where I was faced with the choice to trudge up or coast down. While others led only to long and narrow hallways filled with more doors.

The rooms have been the more difficult adventure. Ranging from beautiful to frightening. Some called to me with their beautiful decor – enticing me to come in and have a look around. Others repelled me before the door was fully opened.

In the end, I had to exit all of them because after entering, taking the time to sit & look around – I found I was never truly comfortable in them. As if they had not been designed for me to linger in – but only to visit for a while.

Even now, at the most contented time of my life, I must rearrange or redecorate rooms. I suppose I was created to keep opening doors in search of new rooms or keep making the room new itself.

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