Take Hold Of My Hand

take hold of my hand,
let’s walk this world together;
don’t let go when the arrows fly,
let the pain flow between us – so neither
carries more than they can bear;
hold on tight as we discover
we are 
stronger as one

There is always a very painful place left within me when the arrows of ignorance, hate or just plain evil fly in this world. I don’t have to be the victim to feel the agony of the loss. Holding death to my heart as a young woman, shattered the plastic ‘it’s all about me’ shell. It opened my heart up to feel the horrific pain of others. It never closed. I never want it to.

The battle I wage in the wake of these tragedies is one against the rage that threatens to overtake me. It’s the monster that whispers in my ear. The monster that has never left my side and will not leave until I breathe my last. It hides in my shadow, waiting to strike. It came to be as part of my early survival, but grew into something capable of killing me. When I was sword-ready, I stood up to fight against it.

I was never the same. I became a woman unable to duck & cover. I am compelled to feel the fire. I also discovered that I have to take the hand of other warriors as I make my way through the damage caused by the self-centered, hate-filled, evil and deceptive motherf@ckers of this world. That is the only way I have survived and will continue to.

I am tired. Of that there is no doubt. That’s because I always take a hit. I will always get hit because I will stand right in the goddamn path of the evil seeking to destroy us all – whether I want to or not. And not just to protect those I love. I will always fall on my bed in wretched pain for a Pastor I will never meet, who was unable to protect his precious little girl or the family of the expectant mother who simply went to celebrate her faith. That is who I am.

I am also capable of re-energizing because I am, by design, a self-healer. I will fight the fight that is required of me. I will feel the pain of others so I am compelled to cry out for an increase of Love on this planet. Then I will tend to the ache in my soul. I will do what I need to do in order to step back into the Light.

I was telling a friend earlier that I’ve found it necessary over the past several years to simplify my surroundings. I developed a minimalist heart. I need honest love, shelter, food and little else. I feel the call to release more of the nonsense in my life even now.

As I’ve aged, I’ve found that it is absolutely critical for me to shake off bullshit if I am going to have weapons of real value in my quiver to bring to the fight for love and healing. I may not have the energy I once had, but I’ve definitely got enough heart to keep on fighting and taking the hits necessary to stay connected to hurting human beings.

I’m very, very blessed to have around me a small and dedicated band of warriors who take hold of my hand to not only share their strength with me, but to shoulder some of my pain as well. They keep me strong and focused – denying the monster any more power than to bruise me a little.

Bruises heal. Rage kills.

33 thoughts on “Take Hold Of My Hand

  1. Being a fellow Warrior, I know what it is to be tired. SO damned tired of this world and the evil that exists here. There are just some days I wanna go to that Place I know exists. I like you have grown with “age” and the arrows in my quiver are much more sharp but their number is less. I do not allow BS in my life whatsoever and I will not play games. It’s sickening what guns in the wrong hands are doing. WTF is up with these high powered assault rifles? I do believe in defending oneself BUT with a weapon that is made for purpose of WAR …. NO! I’ve also now must choose my battles wisely or else I just won’t make the Golden Sign at the End of my Path that says HOME on it. My stamina is not what is once was, but I sure as heck do my best to do my best notwithstanding. Nuff already! I LOVE you, FYI. I know you know but I just had to say those words! 💞

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  2. With one post you’ve explained everything I’ve been feeling for so long. I am like you, ready to stand between the bullies and the bullied, the attacked and the villains, the ones who are still striking those poor souls who are not given a chance to get up.
    That’s why I’ve been so tired, having to protect the flesh of my flesh from their own genitor.
    Thank you for holding my hand through it all.
    And you’re right: I’m here right beside you and will hold your hand as long as I can to give you back some of that energy too.
    Love you!

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  3. Self-healing by design, and always back to the Light….yes!! I know it’s tiring, and I hate that it is. But I’m grateful for your open heart and the returning to the Light. I’ll ALWAYS be here. I’ll fight alongside you, and I’ll always be part of the Light.

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  4. In the midst of each and every tragedy, it is imperative that we find the healing and the light. I am TOTALLY with you, ready to stand tall and strong to make sure these cowards and crazies don’t EVER truly win. Got your back Girlfriend! XOXOXO

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  5. Feeling the hurt, pain or agony of another person is called an empath. They are rare in this world as it is a me me me society at the moment. I too feel for others especially when it is an injustice that has been perpetrated. When the injustice is with one of my friends I feel their pain and rise above as I would be a better service to them instead of being in the pit with them. Nothing says after I have served them that I won’t return to the pit with them.

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