Oh, Yeah

Huge difference for me. I’ve met a lot of ‘good’ people over the decades I wouldn’t turn my back on for a second. It used to disappoint me so much to have believed in ‘the act’ and then watch them back-peddle when shit got real. When it was time for their ‘goodness’ to be tested. Not any more.

Nah, now I’d much rather deal with the real ones in all their straight-shootin’, ‘might not seem good to the pretenders, but oh damn they are’ glory. You know what you’re in for when you step in the ring with them. None of that bait and switch nonsense.

Last week was a bitch. But then again, so was I. Some folks won’t be pretending around me anymore though. So, there’s that.

8 thoughts on “Oh, Yeah

  1. Sorry last week was a bitch. I was surprised at your silence. Thought you needed to retreat to your safe and happy place.
    I’m glad to read you overcame.
    Sending live and hugs. Real ones 😊XO


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