be still

be still!

let Love find you

where you are

then it will accept you

as you are

*An old poem that reared it’s head again this morning as I read. So many flailing about – trying to find some sort of acceptance they can grasp as love. It’s hard for me to watch sometimes. It breaks my heart.

8 thoughts on “be still

  1. I understand the workaholic thing. I used to kill myself overworking or volunteering or what not. It prevented me from thinking too hard at my marriage and what I didn’t want to see in it. And made me feel like I was valuable, recognised for my contributions by SOME at least, if not my husband.
    Now, I take mental days much more seriously. Took one today.
    Couldn’t face my little one needing one and it brought me down.
    We both stayed home in the end, me hidden in my bed, baby reading what had brought on the need for a mental health day.
    I’m tired today.

    I also know that love did come to me when I was ready and open to it. I didn’t go looking for it. It just showed up, on a dancefloor. And that was that. 🙂

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  2. I needed your wisdom today (well, I need it every day but am too damned stubborn to seek it out!). Soft smile. Thank you for still being here … and still being that voice of reason. Miss you. D

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