the one true enemy
of all that is Divine

carries arrows dipped
in the blood of history,
fashioned to pierce the
heart of humanity;
to penetrate all
manner of armor

it is known in the
heavens as FEAR

on earth it rides under
many names, shows many faces:
Safety, Righteousness,
Superiority, Blame and Pride
are but a few . . . 

a shapeshifter of unlimited
presentation and power –

a Goliath dressed as
swinging the scales of justice

a Leviathan swimming
just below the surface
of understanding

a Lie created deep beneath
the filthy hills of Hatred

a Lie that will be the
last one standing, as
its victims lay bleeding
on the battlefield –

except that Warriors arise
who wear beneath their breastplates
the only known immunity and
truly superior defense –


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