Ode To Reality

time heals all wounds they say –
they ain’t never met her

blood don’t make a momma
and wine won’t erase your DNA
love her how you can, lil’ bird –
she ain’t here to stay

somewhere over the rainbow lies
the answer for the pain that begat more;
don’t loose yourself trying –
you knockin’ on a locked door

hush lil’ bird, don’t you cry
love her how you can –
before she die


14 thoughts on “Ode To Reality

      • I’ll save you the pain – it’s autobiographical about the relationship my sisters and have with our mother.

        I started keeping the diary online a few years ago but I went through a frenzied experience with it the last couple (life too) and kept dumping and starting over. So most of it is gone from here now.

        I don’t know the blogger you mentioned, I tend to stay in a small group of the people whose writing calls to me. Like yours. I don’t even consider myself a blogger really – that was kinda where I got lost with the first one.

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