A Whirlwind

I’m a fusion of artifacts swirling together in flesh molded by the human experience:

I’m love you and fuck off
in commingling storms;
I’ll purr like a kitten,
I’ll fight to do harm;
I’m tired of fighting, but
I’m just getting started;
I’m all that is now, and
all that’s departed;
I’m predator and prey,

I’m faith and doubt,
I’m love and hate,
I’m in, I’m out;
I’m joy and sorrow,
I’m today and
I’m weak and strong,
I’m lost, I belong;
I’ll bow, I’ll stand,
I’ll follow, I’ll command;
I’ll see eye-to-eye
or from bended knee,

but I’ll never surrender
the right to be me!

I am me, an original, a whirlwind of flesh; embracing all that I am makes life that much sweeter!

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