I’m Tired, Lord

I’m tired, Lord
my heart does ache
I often times
ask You to take
but here I sit
a soul worn down
heart too heavy
skin too brown
this world is not
a place for me
I’ve done this once
please set me free
I’m tired, Lord
of hate and lies
I’d rather soar
the endless skies
my loved ones say
that I must tarry
but they don’t feel
the weight I carry
I’m tired, Lord
so hear my prayer
grab tight my hand
and take me there

11 thoughts on “I’m Tired, Lord

  1. It is not a heaviness that you carry nor I. We are tired as we have seen the same scenarios perhaps in past lives repeat themselves and in those times I am sure we both heard the calling of the ancients calling us home. I actually felt that calling today most of the day and not only today but all week. These are trying times we are living in. I’m here for you ❤

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    • I am very grateful for you, Joseph. I really am tired though. I’m tired of the bullshit. While it’s just words that passed through my mind onto a keyboard, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m more than ready somedays to call it a wrap.

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      • Yes it does get tiring. I have been ready to go since I was a child…not knowing it as a child at that time but looking back yes the thoughts were there telling my mother I wanted to go home. After a while I stop saying it as this upset her as she had lost a child before. Everything passes that has been the greatest teacher of mine. It has no choice but to pass as the psyche of the human is very resilient. There will always be bullshit that we have no control over. I’m afraid with your government you have not seen the last of the shenanigans which I think is just a distraction to cover from what they are really doing. I leave it in the hands of Spirit. I know we will be both taken care of. Until then we have to do our best to live in the present.

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  2. This is a beautiful poem and as I read it, I felt the weight of your sorrow and your tiredness and heaviness at having to experience this once more.
    Then came the fear of actually losing my big sister whom I love dearly and I’m not quite ready for that, even though I do understand I don’t have a say in this. 😊
    P’ease receive my hugs my friend.
    I too have had visions of not wanting to go further since I was a kid, especially as I studied environmental sciences and realised our life on this planet is doomed. Many times since then, for reasons that were different but all just as crushing to my soul, I’ve wondered ‘why’, what was the point of living on.
    But I keep on keeping on, because my life here has much more to teach me.
    This said… (I’m half awake after too short a night, so forgive the blabbering)… I love you. I hear you. I am sending hugs.

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    • I love you, too Sweet Thing. I just felt like expressing my sorrow. I’ll keep on keeping on as long as God allows. But like I told J, somedays it’s just a bit too much. But as you know, I’m not so ready to leave my honeys. It’s the rest of the world I can live without some times. ❤️

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      • Yes, I know!
        I didn’t take it any other way, coming from you. 😊
        And, like I wasn’t about to go beat anyone up when I wrote my boxing poem, I know that the sorrow doesn’t mean you’ll choose to exit.
        It’s nice to be able to let the weight out sometimes!
        Hugs. ❤️

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  3. Dearest Rita, what a painful and beautiful poem. I would never presume to advise or counsel anyone who is suffering with sorrow and tell them to just hang on, life is going to get better, etc.. because those are trite sayings that don’t help. What I would say is that we’re all on our own private road through a forest and when the trees bend low and surround us with shadows, our inner strength awakens. It takes our hand reminding us that we’re never alone, even in blinding darkness. With my affection and a loving hug. Always.

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    • Oh Cara, don’t worry sweetie. I’m absolutely fine and up to high-jinks as usual. I just write in my diary exactly what I feel when I feel it. I don’t let that shit fester and keep me down. That’s the purpose of my diary. It is my therapy. I release it and get up off the mat.

      Having said that, I’m not afraid of death and honestly I’ve lived an exceptionally good life, and I’ve loved and been loved well – so I have no qualms about admitting I am content and if I leave early it’s just because I’m done.

      For me life has been about facing the darkness head-on, dealing with it, getting back up and being content that I’ve lived honestly and completely. However long my journey is supposed to be.

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