Mie Hansson

I stumbled upon this gem of a word wizard last year. She writes and I feel it. She rants and I wrestle. We’ve established, I believe, that while I enjoy beautiful, serene and romantic words – like any other aging woman with scarred hands, I have a deep and abiding affection for raw, gut-punching, and sometimes dark streams of consciousness bled onto pieces of pressed trees. This is one of my favorites of Mie’s.

“Late evening, pensively I linger 

Beneath the mild-lit chandelier 

He says to me, why you are not happy? 

I say, boy, you do not understand. 

No, but please tell me, he continues, 

Why do you feed your sadness fame? 

So I tell him, beneath the mild-lit chandelier, 

Because some joys thrive best in pain.”

—Mie Hansson, born 1990.

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