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Along This Road

Along this road I’ve met many a character

I met Hatred – it scarred my heart while wearing a smile

I met Betrayal – it violated what was offered in faith & trust

I met Sorrow – it made my legs too heavy to move forward

I met Loss –  so heavy, I wished to lie beside the boy in the grave

I met Bitterness – it clouded my vision, making lies of truth

I met Jealousy – it exposed my self-doubt and loathing

Then I met Love, who introduced me to Wisdom

I chose to remain in their company as I continued on this road

Should I ever meet up with those old acquaintances, I won’t be walking alone

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  1. Oh, thank you!
    Thank you!
    For making me see that what allows me to walk along this path, to bear those weights, to let go of those chains, is the safety and the security of Love and Wisdom.

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